25 Hours

Time 00:03:32, Hamburg, Germany | 2018

One More Round

The camera is put on the concrete mixer and shows a 360° view.

Time 00:04:40, Hamburg, Germany | 2016


In this video art, the artist tries to communicate with a German Shepherd dog in Arabic, Hebrew and German. Time 00:04:29, Hamburg, Germany | 2016

A4 Status

Twelve windows in one video screen show people drawing on A4 paper.

Time 00:08:22, Umea, Sweden | 2013


The camera is put on the concrete mixer, showing the view from abouve without a direct dialogue with the building workers. Time 00:14:00, Tel Aviv, Israel | 2010

Shenkin Melchet

Building workers are pouring concrete on the roof of a builing in Tel Aviv.

Time 00:03:50, Tel Aviv, Israel | 2010

To You With Love

The artist is dancing to Arabic pop music carrying construction tools. It was shown in Tel Aviv Museum and Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art in Tel-Aviv and in several galleries around the world, e.g. in Germany and USA. Time 00:03:01, Tel Aviv, Israel | 2009

Working Day

"Working Day" is a video work in collaboration with the artist Ala Farhat. The work is part of a project called "Men in the sun" which was on exhibit in the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art in Tel-Aviv and several galleries around the world. Time 00:16:00, Tel Aviv, Israel | 2009


"Tefilin" features two orthodox Jewish guys near the central bus station in Tel Aviv.

Time 00:05:30, Tel Aviv, Israel | 2007


The artist is working with another Arabic young man in the kitchen of an oriental restaurant preparing oriental food. Time 00:07:40, Tel Aviv, Israel | 2007